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Education, Wellness


Public Health

As someone who is passionate about helping to better the health of those in my community, Community Nutrition (NTRN 3863) was a really fun class. I was able to complete a community needs assessment and identify relevant data for a target population.

Apply critical thinking skills.

Implementing healthy lifestyle choices is important early in life, and education for proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, I reviewed H.R. 5892, an amendment to the National School Lunch Act which would necessitate that schools will begin to require students to receive 50-hours of school nutrition education per school year.

Assess the impact of a public policy position on nutrition and dietetics practice. 

Demonstrate identification with the nutrition and dietetics profession through activities such as participation in professional organizations and defending a position on issues impacting the nutrition and dietetics profession.

In Nutrition Education, NTRN 3723, my group focused on developing a lesson plan about how to eat healthy while on a budget for young adults attending the University of Central Oklahoma. 

Develop an educational session or program/educational strategy for a target population.

In Life Span Nutrition, I wrote a lesson plan for pre-school aged children a part of the child care program at First Christian Church of Edmond. In this lesson, we discussed the physiological benefits of a variety of fruits and vegetables with a drawing and placement activity. 

Develop an educational session or program/educational strategy for a target population.

In World Foods (NTRN 2213) I explored the traditions tied to food of cultures all over the world. I thoroughly researched the customs of Central Europe surrounding food and general lifestyle. I had the unique opportunity of interviewing a family friend who is from the Czech Republic which provided great insight into the completion of my research paper. 

Demonstrate an understanding of cultural competence/sensitivity.

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