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Food Service Systems


Culinary Arts

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The University of Central Oklahoma offers a unique experience to its dietetics students in which an actual café is managed. Central Station is open to everyone at the university and is operated by students. In both Quantity Foods (NTRN 4674) and Institutional Food Management (NTRN 4704), there is a day that each student is the manager. For this day a quality menu is developed and scaled, all HACCP guidelines documented, costs are calculated, employee roles are assigned, and safety and sanitation measures are met. The manager has a team of three other students who help to complete necessary documentation to ensure that the cafe is meeting appropriate safety and sanitation guidelines which includes a sanitation form from the Oklahoma State Department of Health as well as regular temperature checks throughout the day.

Apply the principles of human resource management to different situations.

Describe safety principles related to food, personnel and consumers.

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Food Safety and Sanitation was one of the first courses that I completed in the program. Upon successful completion of the course and ServSafe exam, I was clear to move on to courses like Quantity and Institutional where I could then fulfill the requirement of those courses and manage Central Station café.

Describe safety principles related to food, personnel and consumers.

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