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            I am seeking to become a Registered Dietitian via the University of Central Oklahoma dietetic internship as a result of the passion I possess for nutrition and its relation to health. While working in the medical field, I came to have an appreciation for empowering individuals to take control of their own health. Out of all the various ways we take care of ourselves, our nutrition and, subsequently, the way we fuel our bodies is arguably the most important way to encourage health and longevity. In addition to my experiences in the medical field, I have particularly enjoyed serving in my community in conjunction with my undergraduate studies.  Because I find both clinical and community dietetics of particular interest, I believe the internship at UCO would provide well balanced experience in both areas. 

            From social gatherings to business lunches, family holidays, and small dinners with friends, food has always been a big part of my life. My relationship with food has not always been healthy. There have been times I have hated it; and other times, when I did not know how to control it. In high school, I struggled with disordered eating without knowing what that truly meant at the time. I constantly felt like food was controlling me, or it was not my friend. Eventually, in my early twenties, I made the choice to learn about and correct my dietary habits. This journey eventually led me to the University of Central Oklahoma, where I have continued to be challenged by the Nutrition and Dietetics program and inspired to apply what I have learned to better my own life and the lives of those around me.

            Repairing my relationship with food taught me a lot of patience and has given me a better perspective on how to approach food in my own life. Rather than viewing food as negative or something that has control over my life, I use it to provide me with energy and nourishment. My emotional ties to food are now largely good memories of times spent with friends and family. The prospect of helping others achieve these moments in their own lives is extremely inspiring and work I find important. 

            It is especially impactful to educate individuals on how to take control of their own health; I aspire to assist others in the preventative portion of this journey. I am thrilled at the prospect of providing nutrition education to my community, as well as directing clients to a path leading to a more vibrant physical and psychological health. I aspire to create a supportive environment for those around me and would be great at implementing interventions around the community which would aid in overall health promotion.           

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            My time working for ScribeAmerica gave me invaluable experience in the clinical world. I was able to learn from medical professionals and assist patients in a wide variety of circumstances. Examples of visits I was present for range from: a diabetic patient who felt measurably better after learning how to get his glucose levels under control; a patient who is no longer experiencing swelling after learning that his high sodium diet was likely the cause; or just a patient simply seeking to be proactive about his health. These different patient populations are the most alluring to me to pursue a career in either community or clinical dietetics. One thing that I really came to know about myself during my time in this position is that I become quite emotionally attached to others, I believe this is a strength of mine as it demonstrates I am empathetic person which will benefit me in my career as a dietitian.  In contrast, something that I have been working to improve upon are my time management skills; in the past, I did not balance school, work and other commitments as well as I should have, but believe that I have spent the better part of the last two years focusing on this, and continue to do so. 

            As a way to gain real-life experience, I sought out opportunities to shadow various clinical dietitians in the Oklahoma City area and was able to learn a great deal in a hospital setting. These experiences were able to give me an idea of what day to day life may look like as a clinical dietitian, which I value highly as a student preparing to enter into an internship program to achieve this career path. Ultimately, these experiences helped open my eyes to all of the different opportunities available to an R.D., and I am excited at the prospect of learning more in these environments.

            One of the things my husband has told me he admires most about me is that I grow where I am planted. I believe during my time spent moving to Oklahoma and navigating the path to become a registered dietitian, I have cultivated great relationships and established roots here at University of Central Oklahoma. I know the internship at UCO would offer me the space to really experience and find my true niche, as well as integrate and let shine all of the skills I have learned in both professional work environments and volunteering experiences. Because of my roots here at UCO, my work experience in a clinical setting, and my various volunteer experience, I believe my acceptance into this internship will not only benefit me personally; but also help advance the goals and vision of the internship as a whole, which makes me a great fit to continue my studies here at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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