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I want to help guide others in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. I have great interest in both community and clinical areas of dietetics and have had many experiences to prepare me for a career in either area.

I believe that, in addition to the wide variety of volunteer and professional experiences I have sought out, my education has well equipped me for my future as a registered dietitian. 

I have spent the past two years completing the Nutrition and Dietetics program at the University of Central Oklahoma. The program consisted of ACEND competencies which I met in education and promotion of health and wellness, evidence-based research, public policy and advocacy, and healthy menu planning. This program has challenged me and truly prepared me for my future career as a registered dietitian. 

In the short-term, my goal is to promote healthy lifestyles for individuals of all ages. Presently, I plan to remain active in my community. Following my dietetic internship, I would like to continue to promote health and wellness working as a community dietitian with youth to implement health and wellness early in life.

My long-term goal is to work in an outpatient, family practice office. I want to encourage health and longevity by providing evidence-based nutrition education to individuals living with chronic illness and build long-term relationships with those individuals while doing so.

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